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Inniscarra Lake offers excellent all year round coarse fishing in a fantastic setting. Roach, bream, perch, hybrids and pike are the most common species. There are also carp, rudd and tench in the lake too.
Inniscarra Lake is one of two lowland lakes. It was created by the Electricity Supply Board in 1956 and covers an area of over 530 ha. Not all the bank is accessible but there are many fishable sections to choose from.

Inniscarra Lake is particularly suited to coarse angling with its gently sloping banks and optimum water depths. A wide range of fishing tackle and techniques can be used. The most popular methods are pole fishing at lengths between 4m and 13m depending on depth and conditions for the roach and hybrids.  Feeder fishing with open ended feeders can be very effective for bream, hybrids and roach. Reel line 4lb to 6lb and hooks ranging in size from 10 to 16 are most often used. Baits for both methods are red or white maggots, casters, worm and sweetcorn. The region’s mild climate allows year-round fishing and weather conditions generally present little problem to the angler.

How it all started!

The South Western Regional Fisheries Board introduced 200 adult bream into the upper Carrigadrohid Lake in 1974. However it was not until 15 years later that large stocks of Bream were discovered in the lower Inniscarra Lake.

Today there are shoals of Bream throughout the lake plus huge numbers of roach, hybrids and perch.

Much of Inniscarra Lake remains relatively unfished and is sure to throw up a few surprises for the enterprising angler.

Popular fishing spots include:

  • The Greenway. There are several sections that can be fished along the Greenway. Roove bay is readily accessible by foot from the small car park, which is by the entrance. The other main sections are Cathy’s Cove and Turtle Bay. These are further along the Greenway.
  • Rooves Bridge. There is limited parking to the left over Rooves Bridge. You can access the water on the right, via the stile. You can fish either side of the bridge, depending on the water levels.
  • Griffins Garden Centre.  Fishing can be accessed via the garden centre at present. Please use the over flow car park.  Fishing is better to the left, away from the house. There is also a small car park on the Coachford side of the garden centre, access is being secured to this.
  • The Graveyard. There is limited parking here, so please be considerate.  Please make sure the gate to the field is closed and the chain put back in place once you have accessed the field.  Fishing is better to the left, in the trees, when the water level allows.
  • Innisleana recreational area and the Wall. There is easy access to the water here for the pleasure angler, although we suggest not using the wall. There is a reasonable amount of parking here.
  • Pump House. This is about 1km west of the Innniscarra dam. There is a car park for about 10 cars. This section is not generally used for competition fishing. It is better for the pleasure angler, who may want to fish early or late in the day.
  • Carrigadrohid.  There are several car parks on the left approaching the village from Coachford. There is also some good fishing upstream of the Castle, on either bank.  There is only restricted parking here, so please be considerate. 

Please note that guided tours are available for guests at O’Callaghan’s Bar and Guest House. This can be arranged in advance, as can any bait requirements. 

This is an area of scenic beauty and anglers are requested to keep it so by taking away their rubbish.

Fishing on Inniscarra Lake:

Each section, indeed each peg, can fish differently, depending on the weather, the time of year, and the ESB determined water levels.

Pole and whip fishing are popular on many of the sections. But other methods are successful too.

There is a handy brochure available “An Introductory Guide to Inniscarra Lake”, which is available in the pub.  There is more detail about the location and methods available in the brochure. Why not come and join us for a pint and have a read of this guide.

 If you have any further questions, there is a local resident who is on hand to take you round the venues and provide extra help to those new to the area.

Please don’t forget to use the net dip before going fishing on the lake this is to help maintain the water husbandry. This is located in the car park to the pub.

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